Titan Auto Care


Titan Auto Care is your expert brake & clutch service specialist.

When the brakes of your car start to squeal or grind, even causing jerky stops – or the brake warning light flashes, it is time to have your brakes inspected. If you notice any slippage, pedal pulsation, drag and binding, vibration, chatter or noises caused when operating your clutch, contact our car service immediately.

Clutch Service Titan Auto Care

In a clutch repair at Titan Auto Care, our mechanics first remove the gearbox or transaxle and clean all parts. Our mechanics remove the flywheel and have it machined and the dowels are removed and replaced if necessary. Also the clutch spigot bearing is replaced and in the case of this early Camry the clutch fork and pivot were replaced to get the clutch mechanism back to as new condition.

After this service the clutch kit itself is fitted, which includes a new pressure plate, clutch driven plate and the throw out bearing. On reassembly of a front wheel drive type car our mechanics pay close attention to the driveshaft oil seals and replace them if required. To complete the clutch service the gearbox oil is filled with new lubricant.

Brake Service Titan Auto Care

Stopping is the most critical function of every type of moving vehicle. Are your brakes precise and in control of your driving, bringing your car to a stop exactly when needed? Titan Auto Care performs all the brake services needed to get your car brakes to function just like when your car first rolled off the assembly line.

There is not a real set time for replacing brakes and rotors, since many variables need to be considered – your driving style, your vehicle weight, whether you do any towing, how the daily commute and road conditions impact on your cars performance, etc. Are your brakes making noise, pulling or pulsating? Is the brake pedal mushy, hard to press, too high or too low? Does the car have issues stopping?

Titan Auto Care is the best car service to get your brakes inspected and fixed. Titan Auto Care brake service includes a thorough brake system evaluation, brake pad or brake shoe replacement, and resurfacing of drums or rotors with a bench lathe on the serviced axles.